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MediaPlan: Plan Cross-Channel Digital Campaigns

Create a Cross-Channel Media Plan with intelligent data points from the system. Export to CSV / Excel Format(s). Mail it to the relevant stakeholders. You can subscribe only for this product OR have it with the full solution.

AdCopy: Fast AdCopies Across Channels

Use the Cross-Channel Editor and Generator to build cross-channel ad(s), validate them, get recommendations from best practices. Export or programmatically push them using the channel API interface (if available). You can subscribe only for this product OR have it with the full solution.

AdBuy: Buy & Optimize Media Across Channels

Onboard your campaign, and go live with your ads across channels using ONE simple interface. Buy Search, Display, Social , Mobile and Video through the platform. If you already buy media through your channels, you can choose not to buy media through the platform. Allow the system to auto-optimize or manually over-ride. You can subscribe only for this product OR have it with the full solution.

AdLens: Cross-Channel Reporting & Insights

Get cross-channel reporting with unique tracking parameters. Find out which ad, which keyword, which banner worked for you and which flopped. Use the unique tracking parameters in your other channels and track them in a single dashboard. If you can provide conversion metrics, track your campaign from impression till the conversion. Get recommendations on ad copies, spends, SEO, targeting, channels. You can also review non-OfferGrid channels, find value and compare performance. It will help you reduce ad cost and risk. You can subscribe only for this product OR have it with the full solution.

OfferGrid is an extremely simple to use digital advertising platform. It got us relevant audience from many other channels, which we had never explored.

Ravi Mobile Wallet and Payment Company, India

It's a no-hassle platform. All I had to do was to give the ad-brief and we were live in 24 hours across channels.

Jason An Events Company, Singapore

We have run repeated CPV campaigns through OfferGrid and the system really increased my RoAS.

Chethan A Mid-sized Ecommerce Company, Bangalore

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If you think, there are challenges you face, when it comes to cross-channel advertising, then you should give OfferGrid a try.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To keep it super simple, it is a digital advertising platform. As we see, more and more digital channels around us, it is becoming more complex and difficult to effectively advertise to all of them, keeping performance in mind. OfferGrid removes this complexity and allows you to easily advertise across all of those channels.
SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is one of the channels OfferGrid provides. It opens up Google Adwords, Bing Ads , Yahoo Ads, and other Search advertising options. In addition to SEM, OfferGrid also opens up Facebook (as Social), Display Ads (Banner Advertising) , Mobile Advertising and Video Advertising through the same platform. If you are only looking for SEM, you can choose only to do SEM channels and not enable others.
Of Course. You can choose the channels you require and not enable the others.
Yes. You can subscribe to OfferGrid AdCopy and use it independently. Subsequently, if you want to use all the features (MediaPlan, AdBuy, AdOptimize, AdLens), you can do that as well.
Yes. You can do a pilot campaign with OfferGrid with a small budget.
The minimum budget with which you can do the pilot is USD $500. If you just want to try AdCopy or AdLens, they are available in beta with no credit card needed. Invitations are accepted on first come first serve basis.
As a platform, OfferGrid optimizes the bid price, removes non-performing ads/banners and keywords tunes the budget per day & works backwards to meet the business objective and metrics. It's quite a lot when it comes to multiple channels.
Not yet. However, the platform is scalable to integrate new advertising channels, as they are open to businesses.
We support Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Gemini, Facebook, Display Ads (through DSPs and Exchanges), Mobile Ads (through DSPs and Exchanges), In-Text Ads and Video Ads. We also support LinkedIn, but it is non-programmatic as of now.
Not yet. We are working to get these channels included in the platform.
Yes. We do. We understand, that in some cases, the campaign objective needs human interaction to be understood before the machines take over. As a result, we do provide a relationship manager /account manager to you, in case you need.
The platform currently supports geo, device, interest, gender targeting. We also support Web and Facebook re-targeting, which can be enabled as a channel.
AdLens currently works with Google Analytics, and programmaticaly works to deliver actionable insights on all your channels , including OfferGrid. It helps you find non-performers, and compare rationally.
Yes. This is a cloud based platform.
The platform works with your business & campaign objective, so it could be a CPV (Cost Per Visit/Session), CPL (Cost Per Lead), CPVL (Cost Per Verified Lead), CPC (Cost Per Click), CPM (Cost Per Impression) or CPI (Cost Per Install). In all the AdBuy campaigns, we charge ONE fixed price across all the channels. For example, it could be $0.10 for CPV OR it could be $0.05 for CPC OR it could be $5 for CPL OR it could be $1 for CPI. You don't have to bother or worry on the channels in this case, and only focus on metrics.
We have provided volumes upto half a million visits on a daily basis and can scale up to more than a million visits a day. On the other hand, for our budding customers, we have provided volumes as low as 1000 a day also. Long story short, the platform can provide volume at scale. It depends on the objectives the campaign is run for.
Sure. We have a set of high converting LP Templates which can be used. These LPs are integrated with our platform and enable you to engage with the lead via an email. It also enables you to get higher number of earned leads versus your paid leads.
Yes. OfferGrid provides S2S (Server To Server) tracking for CPI campaigns, and integrates with both Voluum and HasOffers. Essentially we will provide you with a S2S tracking URL and you need to pass a few parameters. This way, the installs and opens both can be tracked.
Hmm! What's your business objective? Extremely cheap traffic is prone to click fraud and low relevancy. We advise you to run a pilot campaign to first focus on your objective, and then make decisions on the cost of the traffic. We work with minimum thresholds, and hence have a relevancy first motto.
We currently provide email support and we do go overboard in responding after office hours as well. In case you are running a high volume campaign with a relationship manager, you get phone support as well. In both the cases, you need not worry.
We do provide with a JS (Javascript) based tracking code which can be used to track visits and conversions (leads or sales). In case, you are not able to provide us with the access of Google Analytics, we recommend pasting our tracking code.
This is work in progress right now. Currently we support English-UK and English-US.
For CPL campaigns, we do support CRM integration, where the leads are pushed via APIs to your CRM system. This is real-time, as the leads are generated.
Yes. Email and SMS Campaigns are also supported, however the first party data is provided by our clients. We do not have pre-configured lead databases.

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Deepankar Biswas is the co-founder and CEO of OfferGrid Networks Private Limited. He works on moving the sales needle, strategic partnerships, and identifies opportunities which can drive growth of business for the company.

Having an experience of over 17 years, he has been a part of both the technology and sales side of organizations. Having a background of developing core technology products in Telecom, Deepankar has been a serial entrepreneur and co-founded an internet venture in online travel back in 2008. He has been recognized in the area of entreprneurship and innovation and has received many awards for the organization. He was a finalist in the national competition of Economic Times - Power of Ideas in 2010. He has an awarded patent to his name, and is a part of few others as well. Driven by the passion of data driven automation, he has manoevered OfferGrid from an initial publisher centric platform to a automated cross channel advertising platform. He is an active theatre enthusiast, and is a performing arts student. He can be reached at deeps@offergrid.com.


Raja TN is the co-founder and CTO of OfferGrid Networks Private Limited. He focusses on strengthening the backend technology infrastructure, and ensures the businesses , developers and integration partners enjoy a seamless experience of audience to their respective channels. Having spent over 16 years in the industry in various capacities , right from developing software for Satellite Systems at ISRO , to writing SS7 Protocol Layers in Telecom, Raja has extensive experience in designing large scale & real time systems. Raja was also a finalist in the national competition of Economic Times - Power of Ideas in 2010, and was a fellow co-founder in the online travel startup in 2008. Driven by the commitment to make it happen, Raja has positioned OfferGrid into a strong contender in the ad-tech space for cross channel distribution. He is an adventure enthusiast, and loves to trek tough terrains He can be reached at raj@offergrid.com.


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Did we say, we got funded on a prototype - Yes. That's what defines a seed-fund and MFC walks the talk.


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Now you might ask me what kind of a person I am seeking. Whose venture am I going to fund? Well, I am looking for someone who's bright-eyed, full of beans and dreams, and has the zest to push forward when the going gets rough. It's not just your idea, but who you are as a person, that makes a difference. During our interaction, I want to know what makes you tick, your business zeal, selling abilities, etc. Because as an entrepreneur, you need to be your own coach, your own adviser at times, and definitely your own believer.